Today’s Reading: Mark 14:1-21 

Verse 15 of our reading today tell us “He will show you a large room upstairs, furnished and ready. Make preparations for us there.”

I really love this promise which Jesus makes. Jesus says, you follow my instructions and you will find everything finished, ready and exactly the way it should be. I can honestly say, that time after time Jesus as the filled this promise in my own life. Every time he is called me to do something it doesn’t matter how impossible it seems. He has always been faithful to make it possible. I’ve gone where he is said to go and everything has been furnished and ready.

When I moved to Germany, some years ago, there was a lot of uncertainty of how that time would be. Yet, I believe that God was calling me there, in fact, I knew God was calling me there, and I found everything ready.

After leaving Germany, I felt calling for Gurnos, an area of my city. How would we minister there? What God wanted me to do? Where would we do it? These were all questions, but I knew if I followed Jesus instructions, he would be faithful, and provide everything we needed. In fact, He was faithful, and he provided us with a building, in the centre of the community, all ready for us to use. The ideal building in the ideal location.

What is it that God has been calling you to do? Trust me when I say that if you follow his steps He will already have made the outcome perfect. George Muller wrote: “During the last three years and three months, I never have asked anyone for anything. The Lord has graciously supplied all my needs as I bring them to Him. At the close of each of these four years, although my income has been comparatively great, I have had only a few shillings left. My needs are met each day by the help of God.”

Trust him. Follow his instructions and he will provide what is needed.

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