Today’s Reading: Acts 1:1-26

Have you ever been forced to sit and wait on something? Did you know that if you lived on St. Paul Island in Alaska and got the urge for pizza it would take three days for the pizza to arrive?

God doesn’t always answer our prayers with a resounding ‘yes sir! Right away sir!’ Sometimes He answers with an immediate ‘yes’, or an immediate ‘no’ based on His sovereign knowledge of what is best for us. But I find that more often He answers with His third response: ‘wait’

In Acts 1 we can see what the early believers did while waiting on God.  They prayed.

Acts 1:14 “These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication…” It would have been easy for one of them to say, “what need do I have of prayer, Jesus has already promised the Spirit” or “I don’t need to pray, God already knows my needs, and He is sending me the Spirit” But they didn’t do that, they prayed as fervently as ever. The word ‘supplication’ comes from the Greek word “Deesis (deh’-ay-sis)” It means a seeking, asking, or an entreating to God. They already knew the Promise was coming, yet they still stayed fervent in their petition to God. We often forget the importance of prayer in our times of waiting on God. We will often pray about a subject once and then never bring it before God again. The Scripture promises that God honours our persistent prayer. For example “The parable of the widow and the unjust judge” (Luke 18:2-7).

We can also see that while they waited the studied (Acts 1:16-20). Imagine what all of the Apostles must have felt toward Judas Iscariot. I am sure they didn’t understand why this man had done what He had done. That is a question that many still ask today. But Peter began expounding the Old Testament Scriptures which foretold about the betrayal of Judas. Their time of study allowed them to better understand that, while God did not cause Judas to sin, He foresaw its place in His plan of redemption.

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