Today’s Reading: Luke 24:13-53

Key Verses: “While they were talking and discussing, Jesus Himself approached and began travelling with them. But their eyes were prevented from recognizing Him.! Luke 24:15-16

Some of the saddest words in our language begin with the letter D; disappointment, doubt, disillusionment, defeat, despair, and death. All of these are summed up in the words of the Emmaus pair to the stranger who joined them on the Emmaus road. They had left the dispirited and confused band of disciples with the events of Good Friday fresh in their memories.  The Master they had revered, loved and followed had been horribly put to death – a cruel death of the most degrading kind! Their hopes were dashed; the dream was over!

They had erected a wall of hopelessness around them, and they were trapped in their misery. “We had hoped …” What they were saying is “We don’t expect it now, but once we did. We had it, this thing called hope, but now it’s gone.” I wonder if this is something that we can identify with? Has something or someone come between our relationship with God? If so, listen to the Emmaus story because the heart-breaking experience is only its beginning! Little did they know that this Lord who they thought they has lost was there beside them.

We’ve all heard exciting testimonies of what Jesus has done in the past – but what about the present? Do we recognize him beside us? Life has many distractions – hard work, routine, tiredness, ill health – which can so grind us down that we carry on mechanically, never lifting our eyes – or minds – from the dust of the earthly road we travel. We become unaware of the glory and strength of his presence with us. Life loses its meaning and leaves us washed out, but this story gives us hope.

Jesus is still there. He’s the unseen “stranger”, walking with us, listening to us and, if we are willing to hear his voice, revealing himself to us.

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