Today’s Reading: 2 Samuel 18-19 (additional reading: Psalm 119:153-176 and Proverbs 16:14-15)

In today’s reading, King David returns to the city to resume his reign as King. We see that when the king returns, many things happen.

  1. As the King returns, forgiveness is offered. – Shimei receives forgiveness (19:16-24). Shimei had cursed King David when he left the city, yet here we find King David extending his forgiveness.
  2. As the King returns, answers are given. – Mephibosheth receives answers (19:24-30). David gives half the land to Mephibosheth for his inheritance and half to Ziba for the care he had given. Mephibosheth is comforted, for his heart was in the return of the King.
  3. As the King returns, honour is given to the faithful. – Barzillai receives accolades (19:31-39) He is honoured, for he had been a faithful friend to the King. He is rewarded and honoured for his faithfulness to David in the past.

David the King returned to his throne to rule for many more years. Now let’s go forward 1200 years to another King from the line of David, Jesus. Jesus was crucified, betrayed by Judas, denied by Peter, given over by Pilate and crucified by the Romans. Yet death could not hold him. So, as he rises early on the third day, how is he welcomed back?

  1. Peter finds forgiveness (John 21:15-19) Peter had denied the Lord three times the night he was taken captive. Jesus offers forgiveness for past failures and gives a bright future to Peter. What failures are in your past? Jesus is offering you forgiveness
  2. The Disciples found answers (Luke 24:13-35) – As two disciples were walking along, Jesus comes to them and walks with them. He explains the prophecies about his death and resurrection to them. There is an answer to all that we face in our lives today. Often we feel that life doesn’t make sense. But when we look at things from Heaven’s eyes, everything fits together. We see the purpose of the trials and struggles we face. As the King returns, he gives answers.
  3. Mary finds comforted for her faithfulness – (John 20:10-18) Mary, who loved the Lord intently, cries over the loss of her Lord. Jesus appears to her, to provide comfort for her sadness. He brings hope and encouragement to her. He rewards her faithfulness. Do you need encouragement? The return of the king brings comfort for the faithful.


  • Are you ready and wait for Jesus to return?


Father, Thank You for giving us forgiveness, answers and comfort. Help us to honour You with our lives as we wait for Jesus’ return. Thank You that You are King of all and reign forever. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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