Today’s Reading: 2 Kings 4:18-5:27

Imagine this: You graduated from the University with honours. You are intelligent and were soon employed by a big and famous company. You did well and were promoted a few times. Now a CEO of the company and business continues to expand to the regions. You made a name for yourself. You’re smart, famous and rich. But then one day, you felt a pain in your body. It’s a terminal illness. You’re devastated. All the successes of the past mean nothing to you now. All the fame and riches do not matter. You just wanted to stay alive.

Naaman was in a similar situation – he was Commander of the Syrian army. Verse 1: “a great man in the sight of his master and highly regarded”. A great leader. Won many battles and “a valiant soldier.” He is a smart and daring soldier. General Naaman has the world under his control. He had everything you and I crave for. He was at the height of his career.

Unfortunately, there is a big BUT – he was a leper. Leprosy was terminal. He is doomed, will be quarantined for life. No cure in his times. Naaman, the powerful Commander, is now powerless, sick man. Beneath that glamorous armour is a problem that is breaking him. His status, fame, intelligence and past achievements do not really matters now. Everything looks insignificant.

God uses crises in life to wake us up and help us see what truly matters. Naaman would have gone through life trusting himself and all his achievements, but now God brought a halt to this journey – the crisis led him to the God of Israel.

Are you facing a crisis in your life, like Naaman? …a physical ailment that has been a lingering problem? … a crisis in your marriage? … a hopeless situation at school? Can you trust God? Would you pray and submit to His way? What we need is not more of wealth, status or accomplishments. What we need is more of God – to know Him, love Him and stick close to Him.

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