Today’s Reading: 1 Chronicles 16:37-18:17

How many of you believe in Murphy’s Law? The one which says, “If anything can go wrong, it will.” Nothing is possible. Life is full of frustrations. Everything you put your hand to goes wrong. You have littered the landscape of your heart with failed dreams. What do you do? What do you do when nothing seems possible? That too is the time to pray. That, above all else, is a time to pray. When nothing seems possible, pray.

King David found out, it is not whether the task at hand is possible. It is whether a relationship to God is possible. It is not whether you succeed at getting something done; it is whether you succeed in connecting with the Father. David said, “Your servant has found it possible to pray.” When nothing seems possible, then pray, for prayer is the greatest possibility.

David discovered is the possibility of deepened relationships. When we find that we can’t do what we wanted to do; when we attempt too much, too soon, prayer tells us that we can open up profound friendships. When we attempt too much, too soon, we may not get to do it. But when nothing seems possible, if we will pray, God will give us not what we think we want; but He will give us deepened relationships and profound friendships.

David’s prayer is most instructive. His language tells us a great deal about how God shaped his heart. All through David’s prayer, instead of complaining about not being heard; instead of making promises that he had no intention of keeping; instead of bargaining with God – all through David’s prayer the king is full of gratitude to a God who has done everything. A God who led Israel from slavery in Egypt, a God who had brought David from obscurity, a God who had built a people into greatness. David in his prayer understands that whatever he has received is a gift. In prayer, we will discover the infinite possibilities of living out of grace.

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