Today we move on to excuse number 3 used by Moses: ‘What if they don’t believe me’. God’s answer, it’s not your job.

It not your job to twist someone’s arm, so they become saved. I love what Rick Warren writes: ‘Jesus says “you will be my witnesses”, not “You will be my attorneys”. He doesn’t need us to argue on his behalf, just to obey and share. It’s not your job to heal anybody. To repair someone’s marriage, to heal someone’s drug abuse problem. It’s not your job. It’s not your job to preform a huge miracle for somebody.

God proves this point and says ‘you do what I tell you to do, and I shall do the rest.’ God asks Moses ‘what do you have in your hand.’ Moses answers, this is a shepherd’s staff.’ God says ‘throw it down.’ So Moses throws it down and it turns into a snake, if that was me, I guess I’d start running at this point. But, then God speaks to him again and says, ‘reach out and pick it up by the tail” (Exodus 4:4), so Moses picks up the snake by the tail, and it turns back into a rod. You see the head is the big part, it is the dangerous part, the tail is the smaller part. God is saying to Moses and to us ‘you deal with the smaller things and I shall sort out the big things. God was showing him ‘It’s not your job, I shall do the supernatural, you just need to obey.

Next God says to Moses ‘put your hand in your coat’. Moses did what God told him, and when he pulled it out, it was leprous! What we need to realise, is that in this time, this was your death sentence, it meant you will never see your family again, you will always live on the outside of the city, and what you walk, you must shout, so that people can run out of your way.

God tells Moses put your arm back in. Moses puts his arm back inside his coat, pull is back out, and was perfectly clean.

Leprosy in the Bible is also a symbol of sin. We also were eaten up with the leprosy of sin, and this is why we should be so full of joy. It wasn’t only Moses hand that God healed but when Jesus died, he cleared our sin with his blood, that we must no longer be unclean but we can be perfectly restored.

What if they don’t believe you? It’s not your job to make them believe you, it’s your job to be obedient.

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