When God gets your attention, pay attention!

The whole reason why God lit the burning bush up in the middle of the desert was to get Moses attention, and when He lights a fire in your heart about an individual, about a friend who is going through a time of hurt, a workmate who is sick, a family member who is in a struggle, a situation in your country, a ministry in your church… I mean when you are just ‘minding you own business’ then this person or this thought jumps into your mind, and your start getting concerned for it PAY ATTENTION! That is God trying to give you a burning bush. God is trying to get your attention!

When I think of moments when God has tried to get my attention,  at first I think of times when difficult things happened. You all know this, something bad in life happens and then we try to seek God more. We turn to God in a dramatic manner and seek his help in our lives. But I think about it more then this, the times He has really our attention were not big and dramatic moments, but rather it was the times where we sensed him being with us and possibly even giving me a sense of the next step to take in a complicated time.

If we are really honest, we would admit that God tries to get my attention everyday. We try too often to live our own lives being fiercely independent, but then we have this sense that we not alone and as we turn to God we realize He truly wants to walk the road with us. His way of getting our attention is normally that of a caring friend who is with me guides me through each day.  We need to become more sensitive and in tune with him.

Everyday we have those times when we feel God is speaking to us. Maybe to pray for that friend who is sick? or perhaps to witness to that person on the bus? Or to buy a coffee for the homeless guy? How long have you been ignoring that call to start the kids work which your church so needs?

When God get’s our attention for something – PAY ATTENTION – don’t just ignore it

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