After Moses offers the last and final excuse that we seen yesterday, God tells Moses ‘Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.” and this is when God gets angry.

Then Moses says ‘send someone else’ this is one of a few times in the Bible when we read that God got angry, but God gets angry because Man is speaking back to God saying ‘I am not capable to do, that for which you made me.’

I just wonder how many of us are running God hot with anger? We are the Moses of our generation, God has seen the pain and the suffering of our world and our countries, and this suffering has come up before him. And God is saying to us also today ‘YES, I have come down, now GO! Its scary isn’t it, but we are God’s answer!

Think back to the first days of this series, what has God be catching your attention to? Is it slavery? Is it the elderly in your neighbourhood? Maybe the single parents? How about those kids who are always hanging around on the street with no role models? Whatever it is.. it is time to pay attention and answer the call. Stop running God hot with anger.

Finally Moses answers ‘here am I’. Never let yourself hear of a need and think, I got to find someone to pray for that, or I got to find someone to do that. You can get someone to pray with you, that’s great, but when God gets your attention, act upon it. Don’t wait for someone else to do it.

These devotionals are more then just good lessons for me, this is a way off life. I continually beat down all those voices, telling me, I can’t do that, that there is someone better than me to do this, I don’t know how to do that . There has been so many times when God as asked me to do something and I think ‘why me?’. I know someone who would be perfect for this, but I’m really not the right person for this job.

But I can promise you, when God calls us to something, he is faithful to equip us and to empower us for that task. God is looking for the good and faithful servant.

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