Excuse number 1 from Moses is found in Exodus 3:11. He said ‘who am I, that I must go?’ In other words, “I am nobody! And you only use special people, who are amazingly gifted, and I am just Moses. I am no Noah to build a Ark, I am not a Abraham to be the father of all generations, I’m not even Joseph, I dream sometime but that’s about it. I am just me, this guy who has a beard, I am just Moses, I am nothing special!”

I love God’s response to this. Have you ever used this excuse with God, when he has told you to do something? I am nobody, I can’t do that God’ When God calls you to preach, and you think ‘I can’t do that, that is for the pastor -I am a nobody’ or to teach in the Sunday school, and your like ‘Joe is amazing for that, but not me, I can’t do that’. Maybe God is calling you to missions in another country and your thinking I can’t do that. One of the first things you need to overcome for God to use you, is this ‘I am a nobody attitude!’

Lets us look what God says, when we use this excuse, he says ‘I know’. Imagine He doesn’t try to build Moses up. He doesn’t try to tell Moses that he is great, or that he is really special. He simple says ‘I will go with you’.

This is this something I find amazing. God knows that we are nothing. He knows that we cannot do the things He calls us to by our own strength, but He says’ Don’t worry, I will be with you! I will empower you!” 2 Corinthians 13:4 says ‘For we also are weak in Him, but we shall live with Him by the power of God toward you.”

For most of us, when we picture Moses in our heads we think of someone like Charlton Heston in the film ‘Ten Commandments’. We see a 6ft 4, muscle man, with a beard blowing in the wind, holding the staff in the air, telling the water to part as in the clip And he just looks the part. But I think when they chose, they chose the wrong actor, they should have looked for someone small and totally normal, because when God said ‘Go’ and Moses said ‘I am a nobody’. God answer ‘I shall go with you’ but even then what happens? He comes up with Excuse number 2.

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