So God promises Moses ‘I shall go with you’ but even then he comes up with Excuse number 2. ‘I don’t know what to say’ “What shall I tell them?” (Exodus 3:11). Isn’t that what we do when God tells us to do something. ‘I don’t know what to say, I don’t know how to do that.

Someone once said ‘Anything that is worth doing, is worth doing not perfect the first time.’ meaning if your just sitting wait for perfect conditions you will sit there your whole life. You got to get going. God’s answer is ‘I shall tell you what to say’. I can’t tell you how many times, I have had to speak to a group and really have no idea what to prepare, and then God speaks. Or How many times, I have been speaking randomly to someone, and God says ‘say this’ and God speaks directly to a situation in their lives.

For many of us we believe that God is capable of saving us from sin, but it seams that using us is just a step to far. It takes the same faith to believe God can use you as it takes to believe God can save you.

A few years ago I was organising a mission trip to Albanian when someone shared with me this story:

There was a group of 3 street kids who stole a radio. They took it back to the sewer where they were living and started to listen to it. On the radio came an evangelist who said ‘have you done bad things? If you ask Jesus He can forgive you’. The boys thought, ‘Yes, we’ve done bad things, we stole this radio’. So they asked Jesus to forgive their sins.

The next week they listened to the radio again and the evangelist was speaking about how Jesus healed people and how Jesus still heals people. The boys got really excited and rushed to the nearby hospital. They went onto the ward where all the sickest people were and said ‘There, Jesus, there’s one’ and then walked into the next room. Then they said ‘There Jesus, there are three more’. Then they made they way to another room. By this time nurses were running into the first room because the man who was on life support is now getting out of his bed. Then the same happened to the other rooms which the boys visited. The boys left the hospital unnoticed, there was no long prayer to call attention to themselves, simple ‘There Jesus, there’s one!’

Because of the chaos this caused all the sick people in this ward getting healed, they called the evangelist who was on the radio to see what had happened. The next week on his show, he was sharing the story above and asked if anyone know what happened, if they could visit the church in the city.

The boys turned up. These boys had never been to church, never went to bible college, never took part in a healing ministry course. The evangelist was amazed and asked ‘where did you find the fiath to believe Jesus would heal all those people.

The boys looked even more amazed as they answered. ‘well, you told us, if we ask Jesus to forgive us the He would.’ So we prayed and Jesus forgave us of all the bad things we had done. So then you told us that Jesus heals sick people, so why wouldn’t he?

It takes the same faith to believe God can use you as it takes to believe God can save you.

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