Today’s Reading: Daniel 5:1-31

What would happen if someone gave a party—and God crashed it? Belshazzar exemplifies the playboy philosophy so prevalent in our day, where the goal of life is to provide satisfaction and pleasure for the body.

In the first verses of Daniel chapter 5, we find a description of a rather wild party thrown by king Belshazzar. Then we are told how his party was crashed. Right in the middle of the party, at what was probably the loudest and wildest part, an unexpected and unusual guest suddenly appeared that brought the party to an abrupt end. A set of fingers. In view of all the astonished party revelers, the uninvited hand wrote a mysterious message on the palace wall that no-one understood. God was trying to get their attention.

He had everything he could have desired. He was wealthy enough to throw a feast for a thousand of the political leaders of the empire. No doubt their wives and escorts were present as well. His were. Archaeologists have unearthed banquet room that would seat 10,000 people, but none of them knew what God was saying.

Our lives can be the same. So many are living lives like Belshazzar, drunk with power, pleasure, and possessions, most don’t give the God enough attention to see the handwriting on the wall, let alone understand it. Belshazzar put all his wealth and power to work to try to understand what was happening. All his wisest advisors failed even though promised wealth and power. The king became even more terrified. Into every life, there comes sooner or later, a dilemma that cannot be solved without the help of a Someone mightier than any human, a situation which only God can solve. The good news is that every time you’re in this situation, God provides someone who can help. In this case it was Daniel, he was now in exile for more than 70 years, maybe still asking why? But God had him there for this hour.

So we can learn two lesson from this passage. 1) It’s time to pay attention to what God is trying to teach us, He will get the message through to us eventually, but it is so much better when we are in tune with Him. 2) If you’re somewhere and you don’t know why, maybe it’s to help someone who is confused and explain God’s message to them.

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