Today’s ReadingExodus 4:1-5:21 

Key Verse: “Then the LORD said to him, “What is that in your hand?” “A staff,” he replied.” Exodus 4:2

There was a young boy who was the son of a drifter. This boy worked as a store clerk for a while, but the store failed. He bought a partnership in another store, but it failed also. He ran for the legislature and lost both times. He ran for vice-president and lost. He became the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

There was another boy who was called a “slow learner.” A teacher recommended he be withdrawn from school because of his seeming inability. He tried to go to school in Switzerland but failed the entrance exam. He was fired from three teaching jobs. At age 26 he won the Nobel Prize. He was Albert Einstein.

Dwight L. Moody said, “Moses spent his first forty years thinking he was somebody. He spent his second forty years learning he was a nobody and his next forty years discovering what God can do with a nobody.” 

Here is where we find Moses today; he 40 years ago he thought he was something great, but now he is starting to experience what a great God can do with a nobody.

God asked Moses a question I want to ask you today, “What is that in your hand?” For Moses, it was his rod. God told him to throw it down and when Moses did, it turned into a snake. Then God told Moses to pick the snake up by the tail. Moses followed the command of the Lord. When he did, it turned back into a Rod.

  • Later we will see that God used Moses and that Rod to get the people out of Egypt.
  • With the Rod, Moses struck the Nile river and it turned to blood (7:17),
  • brought a plague of frogs out of the waters (8:5),
  • struck the dust and turned them into gnats (8:16),
  • stretched it toward heaven to bring down fire, thunder, and hail (9:23),
  • brought a plague of locust (10:13),
  • divided the Red Sea (14:16),
  • struck a rock with it and got water (17:6)
  • and when he held it high in the air, his warriors prevailed in battle (17:9). And to think that Moses called it JUST “A STAFF!”

If we look at the staff today it would look the same as any ordinary shepherd staff. But placed in God’s hands it was used to do the miraculous. So the question for you to think about today is, “what do you have in your hand?”


  • Are you overlooking something that God has already given you?
  • How can you use what you already have for God?
  • Think of other times God has done something amazing with the ordinary.


Father, Thank You that You are the One that empowers. Thank You that it’s not about what we have or how much we have, but You take the little things of this world and use them powerfully. Lord, help us to glorify You with all we have. In Jesus’ name, Amen


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