Today’s Reading: Judges 4:1-5:31

Judges chapters 4 and 5 tell a story in two very distinct and different ways. Ch 4 gives a conventional historical account while chapter 5 re-tells the story in poetic verse.

Deborah was chosen to lead Israel. Her name means “honeybee”—not an awe-inspiring name, but she was used by God to deliver a fatal sting to the armies of Sisera. Matthew Henry points out some of the qualities of bees that Deborah possessed: industrious, sharp perception, great usefulness, sweet to her friends and sharp to her enemies.

Her vision of the world was not shaped by the political situation of her day, but by her relationship with God. Though women of the ancient world did not usually become political leaders, Deborah was what Israel needed, a woman, a prophetess, who heard God and believed him. She is a woman who had the courage needed. Her courage aroused the people, enabling them to throw off foreign oppression.

Deborah serves us as a godly example with her servant like heart, her ability to delegate, her authoritative leadership and her willingness to serve God at any cost.

What are you trusting in? While some trust in Chariots, Deborah left us an example of what it means to trust in God. We face battles of illness, ethical decisions, trials and temptations, and in general, the struggle to maintain our faith in an unbelieving world. Like Deborah we can look past the greatness of the problems which are before us and unto the far surpassing greatness of our God, who is higher, bigger, greater and more powerful than anything which the enemy might put in our way.

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