Today’s Reading: 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:10 

WE CAN FACE LIFE AND DEATH WITH CONFIDENCE WHEN WE REALIZE THAT WE ARE LIVING IN A TENT – 2 times in these verses Paul refers to our body/physical earthly life as “living in a tent.” Now Paul knew a lot about tents — he was a tent maker and he was trying to teach us something.

There are 2 qualities about tents that I want to apply to our lives. And both of these qualities underscore the fact why living in a tent is only meant to be temporary.

After a bad hurricane or another event, many are forced to live in a tent when their homes are destroyed. But I am confident that every one of them planned on this as being only a temporary situation no one intended on staying in those refugee tents permanently.

A tent does not make a very good fortress, does it? You can not dead bolt the door against intruders. It is made of canvas and it is not too good at keeping a wild animal out, that wants to get in. A tent is also not the place we would want to be seeking shelter in during the middle of a raging storm, at any moment it could collapse or be blown away. Life in a tent is uncertain at best.

In like manner this life is uncertain. It can be destroyed at any second. One moment things can be going pretty good and the next minute an intruder breaks in or a strong wind blows us away. No matter how much insurance we buy, no matter how much money we save, security systems we install — no matter how much of the world’s goods we accumulate — all of this does not change the fact that in this life, living in this earthly physical body we are merely living in a tent that can be blown over rather easily and at any time. David in 1 Samuel 20:3 summarized this truth well when he wrote, “THERE IS ONLY ONE STEP BETWEEN ME AND DEATH.”

Another reason that most people don’t want to live in a tent is that tents are not that comfortable. Many times in a tent it is hot and humid, the mosquitoes are biting, the ground gets harder and harder the more you try to sleep, the bathroom is a long way from where you are and you have to put shoes on.

The longer we live in this world and in this tent (our body), the more uncomfortable it gets. There are many things that make this life uncomfortable, sickness, disease, financial problems..etc. Have you ever found physical life in your tent a bit uncomfortable?? Don’t worry – it’s only temporary.

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