I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry. – Psalm 40:1

Waiting is a significant part of of all our lives. We spend 653 hours of our lives waiting for trains. Seven years of our life with insomnia struggling to get back off to sleep. Six months of our lives are spent queuing, twenty weeks on hold and 38 hours each year at traffic lights.

Even more so when we are praying about something and when we are hurting. Hardest to wait when we are worried about something thing.

Without question, we live in a world ridden with worry. As many as one in four people will be prescribed some form of antidepressants during their lifetime. Billions are affected by wars, famine, disease, sickness and global epidemics, natural disasters, injustice and corrupt leaders.

As we study the life of David, we find he spent a great deal of his time waiting. David had to wait something like 15 years from the time he was first anointed by Samuel to the time he became king over Judah. It was another seven years before David was anointed king over all Israel. This means David waited over 20 years of his life to be made king. How David handled this more than two decade delay is the subject of this week’s devotionals.

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