God uses these difficult moments to build our faith. David had many times he could of acted wrongly. Times he could have killed Saul, but he trusted and waited on God.

However, many of the failures we see in the Bible are failures related to waiting.

  • Abraham and Sarah had to wait for the promised son, and at least one of their failures was in the area of patience, of waiting on God to fulfil His promise. Is this not why Abram spoke of Eliezer of Damascus as his heir (Genesis 15:2)? Is this not why Abram gave in to Sarai’s suggestion that they have the promised seed through Hagar, her handmaid (Genesis 16:1-2)?
  • The Israelites sinned in the making of the golden calf, as described in Exodus 32. Was their failure not a failure to wait 40 days for Moses to return from the top of Mt. Sinai?
  • Saul’s sin in 1 Samuel 13 was partly his failure to wait for Samuel to arrive.
  • Were the disciples not constantly asking when the kingdom would come and trying to hurry up the plan?
  • After Jesus death – despite the fact the Jesus had told them he would rise again, they didn’t wait well. John 21:3, Simon Peter said, “I’m going fishing.” “We’ll come, too,” they all said. So they went out in the boat, but they caught nothing all night.
  • Did the 11 apostles and others not fail to wait when they went ahead to appoint Matthias as the replacement for Judas, when Jesus had instructed them to wait for “what the Father promised” (Acts 1:4)?
  • The church at Corinth had many problems. One of their problems was in the area of waiting. They could not wait for God to bring justice, and so they took one another to court (1 Corinthians 6). They could not wait for their brethren to arrive, so they went ahead with the meal, overindulging themselves with food and drink, and turning the Lord’s Supper into a sham (1 Corinthians 11).They could not wait for the fulfilment of God’s promises regarding full spirituality, and so they embraced teachers and teachings of triumphalism — you can have it all now, not later.

We must be careful while we wait not to ask unwisely.

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