In infant school, our teacher, brought into the classroom an aquarium full of caterpillars. Day after day, our class would take it in turns to examine the caterpillars and draw pictures in the class diary. At first, the caterpillars would eat and eat. Before long, they began to climb up leaves and twigs to the top of the aquarium and dangle off things.

Until, one Monday morning, upon arriving back in school after the weekend, I can remember a girl in my class sobbing to the teacher, “The caterpillars have died. They are all dead.” It was only then our teacher explained that the caterpillars had formed a chrysalis and would soon reappear as a butterfly.

We grew bored as it did not take us long to realize our teachers definition of ‘soon’ was different to our own. Now no one cared, because they did not do anything.

As children, we had all but given up on those caterpillars, but eventually, we arrived in school one morning to see that the transformation into butterflies had taken place. Be patient because God has not given up on you. As frustrated and down heartened you may be, Scripture assures us in Philippians 1:6, no matter how much we may be struggling as disciples, we can be “certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.”

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