Today’s Reading: 2 Kings 17:1-18:12

Everyone wants victory in life, don’t they? Most people want to be successful in what they do. Athletes, train for years to be victorious on the field or in the arena. Lawyers, go to school for years and they spend hours on each case in hopes of winning a victory in the court room. The truth is many lose, for every team holding the winners trophy there are many more who do not…. And For every win in the court room, there is a corresponding loss. Though life is far from a game and it is not a courtroom, there are still winners and losers.

In today’s reading, we read of King Hezekiah and the text said, “AND THE LORD WAS WITH HIM, HE WAS SUCCESSFUL IN WHATEVER HE UNDERTOOK…” How would you like that to be said of you, that God was with you and that you were successful in whatever you undertook? How did Hezekiah do it? What was his secret to success? What did he do that brought him success after success?

There are so many lessons from his life we can learn – so take some moments to read through the text again and also read the cross references. But one of the first things we will learn is

‘He overcame his past’ – King Hezekiah had far from a perfect past, but he didn’t allow this to determine his future. He broke the cycle and so can you.

‘He chose Godly mentors’ – There are many people we allow in our lives, Hezekiah had an ungodly physical father but he found a Godly spiritual mentor in Isaiah and this made a massive change to his life. We need to find the right mentors for ourselves.

‘Trust God in all situation’ – Whether it is a hard childhood, character problems or being outnumbered by an army – we can always trust in God and this it the biggest part of Hezekiah successfulness. Wherever we find ourselves physically we can be of success when we are in God spiritually.

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