“Use It or Lose It!” It may sound unfair to you, but that principle is woven into our universe. For instance, it’s true of your muscles. Use them or lose them! If you lie in a hospital bed for a week without exercise, you’ll lose your strength. Atrophy occurs when muscles aren’t used. That’s why physical therapy, exercise, and rehabilitation are so important after you have been hospitalized.

It’s true of your mind as well–use it or lose it! There was an article last year in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) about how mental stimulation can keep your mind sharp and in some cases prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Here’s a summary of the article appearing in the February 13, 2002 edition of JAMA:

“The study was conducted by scientists at the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago. They found that frequent participation in cognitively stimulating activities by senior citizens is associated with a reduced risk of AD. The research examined groups of aging people from several areas around the nation and looked at activities like reading books, newspapers or magazines, engaging in crossword puzzles, or card games, and going to museums. They found that on a scale measuring cognitive activity–with higher scores indicating more frequent activity–a one point increase in cognitive activity represented a 33% reduction in the risk of AD.”

It’s true of your muscles and your mind. It’s also a spiritual truth. If you don’t use God’s resources you may lose them. If you aren’t actively doing business for God, you may lose the ability or the desire to do business for God. Are you investing time for God? Are you obeying the truth He has given you? Are you taking advantage of those opportunities to serve Him? But this parable is not about losing it–but about using it! Here’s the glorious truth Jesus is trying to communicate to each of us today:

In Luke 19:11-26 The first and second servants were spiritual entrepreneurs. They got busy and invested their mina doing business for their master. They started with the same amount as the unfaithful servant–they just did something with their mina, while he hid his.

Remember these are resources like Time, Truth, and Opportunities. Have you been reluctant to do business for God because you think you don’t have enough time? Do you need more time? Here’s what you do. Start using the time you have to do business for God. Soon you’ll find you have more time. You won’t get 25 hours a day, or eight days a week, it will just seem like you have more time! If you don’t believe it, try this. Starting tomorrow, get up 30 minutes earlier and give that time to God is prayer and personal Bible Study. If you do that regularly, you’ll find you seem to have more time instead of less time.

God has given each of us an equal amount–one life. What are you doing with yours? If you give your life away doing business for God; you’ll get more life in return. In Luke 6:38 Jesus said, “Give away your life; you’ll find life given back, but not merely given back–given back with bonus and blessing.” (The Message)

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