Today’s Reading: 1 Samuel 18:5-19:24 (additional reading: Psalm 112:1-10 and Proverbs 15:12-14)

In life, our sense of security is often dependent upon a number of various factors such as our jobs, our families, our friends, our position in society. Imagine a person with a good job, a nice house, a loving family, the respect of other people, good health, well, what else could we need?

And therein lies a problem. God wants us to find our security in Him. All of these things are temporary but our relationship with Him is eternal. Sadly, there is an independent streak in all of us that tends sometimes to neglect to develop our security and trust in God when there are so many other things that seem to offer what we think are secure.

Young David, the anointed, but not yet actual King of Israel, back about 1000 years before Christ, was flying high above the clouds of secure circumstances. He had been brought out of obscurity as a shepherd and anointed by Samuel the Prophet to be the next King of Israel. He had taken on the giant, Goliath, and been victorious when everyone else was afraid. Because of his victory, Saul, the incumbent King had put him in charge of his army. David led that army out into battle and won time and again. He found he was popular among the people, too – even more popular than King Saul himself.

David was on a roll of success! But then, suddenly, one at a time, his areas of security began to fail. And God allowed it to happen even though David had done nothing wrong. 1 Samuel 18:21 describe how all of his earthly securities were removed from him. David’s life at this stage typifies the person whom God is teaching to depend fully upon Him.

Part of God’s plan for your life may involve the loss of something you place security in. When this happens God is trying to teach us to stop trusting in the worldly things rather than Him. You may not understand how He is working and it may not be making much sense to you, but trust Him and in the end, you will not be disappointed.


  • What has God removed from your life that has caused you to trust Him more?
  • What things are you trusting in more than God?


Father, Thank You for never failing us. Thank You that you are faithful forever. Help us to stop putting our trust in worldly things before You. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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