Today’s reading: 1 Samuel 11

Key Verse: Saul took two oxen and cut them into pieces and sent the messengers to carry them throughout Israel” 1 Samuel 11:7

In our Scripture today, Nahash, king of the Amorites, gives a gruesome description of his tyranny over the Israelites on the east bank of the Jordan. His practice was to subdue those he conquered by a mixture of torture and humiliation, by gouging out their right eyes. Once blinded in one eye they were unable to mount a rebellion and carried a daily reminder of Nahash’s power over them

Israel decided it was time to put their new king to the test. But little did they know this was Saul’s moment, or better put, God’s opportunity to magnify Saul. God’s Spirit comes upon him, and he acts. Saul takes the oxen with which he ploughed, cuts them into pieces and sent the pieces out as a call fight.

In slaughtering the oxen, Saul was demonstrating his time as a farmer is over. It is like a mechanic selling his tools or a chef selling his knives. Saul had no more use of the oxen. Now he was to be king.

When the time is right, God always gives us the opportunity to step out in faith, trust him and take possession of His purpose for us. He did this with Saul, David, Moses and he will do it with us. If you have trouble gathering around you, it may be God telling you it is time to embrace the challenge.  Allow God to empower you.

In the case of Saul, he embraced the challenge and as a result, Jabesh was saved, Nahash’s army was defeated and the people recognised his kingship. It is time to trust God to empower us.

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