Today’s Reading: James 5:1-20 

James, in his most practical style, calls us to be completely sold out to God. A life that is God-filled will look considerably different from a worldly lifestyle. James gives us three C’s that we cannot afford in our lives. We cannot be comfortable, complacent or cowardly.

We cannot be COMFORTABLE: Ours is a society built on comfort. Tim Bascom wrote: “We’re too comfortable to be spiritual. …We think we will be able to pursue God better without danger or hardship.  And yet it works in just the opposite way.  Nothing is more difficult than to grow spiritually when comfortable.” Richard Owen Roberts also wrote that: Multitudes who come to church for comfort need to be severely discomfited and awakened out of their lethal slumbering.

We cannot be COMPLACENT: Our complacency often comes from looking out for number one. We get so wrapped up in our own life, job, family, activities, and all that we forget the world while it slips and slides closer to the precipice of Hell. James’ line of thought throughout this book is that the Church should be on the lookout for others. We should seek to help others. We can’t sit complacently knowing we are going to Heaven when a lost world runs around right outside our windows.

We cannot be COWARDLY: One of the big reasons that many people don’t share the Good News with their friends is because they are afraid. James says we can’t be cowards.

The “fear of man” goes by other names. When we are in our teens, it is called “peer pressure.” When we are older, it is called “people-pleasing.” When we were kids we called it “shyness” Recently, it has been called “codependency.”  With these labels in mind, we can spot the fear of man everywhere.

You’ve got to get people lost before we can leave them to salvation and we can’t do that hiding away like cowards, afraid to speak of the awesomeness of God in our lives.

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