Many times we have problems in our life, and we run to God to find answers, and he touches us, but we don’t give him chance to change us. We keep getting into the same problem, keeping running back to be touched, but we are not being changed.

We need the power of God to come upon us and change us! Change our nature, change our mindsets, change our caricature, change our spirits. The Bible say, that the blind man was not happy with just the touch, but he wanted to change.

Some of you have come so far and now the enemy has put you in a comfortable place, and says ‘I want you to be happy, just where you are! Don’t believe God for more. Don’t ask for more. Don’t hunger and thirst for more. Just be content with your comfort! Be happy with the touch you had.” But this is a lie, and there is so much more.

There comes a time when God says ‘I have touched that alcohol problem. I have touch that debt problem. I have touched that negative image problem. I have touched it over and over, but you keep bringing it back into your life. Now get it out of your life. I give you authority over it. Today is not about a touch but a change.

See we love it when God touch us and give us a spiritual high, but change sometime hurts. It makes us change the way we were living and that is not always something we wants.

I want to tell you once again, a touch is not enough. We need the power of God to come upon us and change us! We don’t need another spiritual high, we need God’s transforming work in our lives.

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