The bible says in Matthew 2 that the wise men, went to Herod’s palace because they wanted to find the messiah. They came half way around the world to find the messiah who was under the star. Then they asked the astrologers in Herod’s palace, ‘Where is he?’. And they answer ‘we have it in prophesy that he will be born in a village 8 miles from here called Bethlehem.

Those wise men went and had an encounter with Jesus which changed their lives, they came half way around the world. Yet we don’t read anything about Herod’s astrologers, they were happy, just contented in the palace, they couldn’t be bothered to travel 8 miles to meet the living Lord. In other words, they were satisfied to read about him, to study about him, to go into the temple and hear about him, they were content to have a touch, but not a change.

It is such a shame that there are a lot of people are content to come to church, get a touch and then live from touch, to touch, to touch. When God wants to do more then a touch and change us.

In Genesis 32, Jacob got a hold of God, that angel he was wrestling with, and the bible says that the angel touch him on his hip. When he touched him on his hip, the angel said, now let me go, for the dawning of a new day is upon us. Jacob refused to let him go, until he wasn’t only touch, but until he was changed. Jacob became Israel.

What I love about Jacob is that he said ‘I WILL NOT LET YOU GO, UNTIL YOU BLESS ME!’ The angel stood back and said, aright, you have just moved from a touch to a change, no longer will you be called Jacob, but you shall be called Israel, for you are a prince with God.

God changed a man’s name, because he got a second touch. God changed his walk, he nature, his future because he said, I am not content with just being touched! He could have lived the rest of his life with this, and bragged about how an angel touched him, but he pressed on until he got his change.

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