Yesterday we seen that when Jesus touch the man, he could see, but the Bible says that the man could see, but he saw people like trees. But then all of a sudden Jesus did something, which we don’t read anywhere else in scripture: he touched him a second time. There is a second touch! When he touched him the second time, the bible says he looked up and saw EVERYTHING CLEARLY!

I want us to think about this second touch, that can make what is foggy and unfocused – clear. God has a plan and purpose for your life, but if your not careful you will settle for a touch that gives you vision, but you can’t really see what you are suppose to do. Why am I here? What is God’s purpose for my family / for my life? What does he want me to do? You have a vision but it is unclear, it is unfocused, your are not sure where you are going. You are  uncertain about where you should be. You don’t know if your in the right place / right Job / right course??? Your uncertain what God’s plan is for this season of your life?

We must be hungry for this second touch. It is when we say ‘Lord, I praise you for the first touch! I thank you for the first touch! I praise you for the day you saved me, for the day you gave me life. BUT, now that I am serving you, I need you to clear up my vision, I need your touch a second time!

We live in a world today which likes to be entertained but not changed! We need to understand that this man was touched and giving sight, he could have happily said nothing, and spent the rest of his life with unclear vision (but vision non-the-less, which is more then he had before). If that had been a lot of Christians after God had touched them for the first time, they would have said ‘I have been touched, I am satisfied, and I will spend the rest of my life with unclear vision.

However he had hunger for more, and he got the second touch! The second touch made him whole! He could see what he could not see. Go where he could not go. He did things which he could never have done, without the blessing of the second touch.

Do you need this second touch?

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