If you are desperate to be loved, accepted and appreciated for who you are, I want you to know that there is someone out there who loves you!

Today’s Reading: Genesis 29:14-31:16 (additional reading Psalm 12:1-8 and Proverbs 3:13-15)

Key Verse:  When the Lord saw that Leah was not loved, he enabled her to conceive, but Rachel remained childless – Genesis29:31

In our text today, we meet the original “Desperate Housewives.” The story of Rachel and Leah actually begins with the story of their husband Jacob. Jacob falls totally in love with Rachel and after working for seven years for the right to marry her, gets tricked by his father-in-law into marrying Leah, her older sister. So Jacob finishes out the week with Leah and then he gets married to Rachel. The Bible says in Genesis 29:30 that Jacob loved Rachel more than Leah.

This makes Leah feel terrible, because more than anything in the world, she is desperate to be loved by the man in her life. And no matter what she tries to do, she can’t seem to change the fact that her husband does not feel for her the way she feels for him.

If you are desperate to be loved, accepted and appreciated for who you are, I want you to know that there is someone out there who loves you! There is someone who cares about you. God is love.  If we want proof of God’s love for us, then we must just look at the Cross where Jesus offered up His life as a sacrifice for us. Calvary is the one absolute, undeniable proof of God’s love for us.

In Genesis 29:31, we are told that Leah was not being loved the way she deserved to be love. But God blessed her with many children. This brings us to Genesis chapter 30. Rachel sees how God has opened her sister’s womb and how she is able to have all these kids. She realizes that up until now, she has not been able to have kids.

In Old Testament times, not being able to have kids was considered a curse from God. So just as Leah is desperate to EARN the love of her husband, Rachel is desperate to HOLD ON to the love of her husband by providing him with children. So basically what we have in verses 4-24 is a big baby making contest. Leah has a few more kids, and then Rachel finally has a couple of kids of her own.

You see many people are desperate in their natural relationships. Fearful to lose the love of someone or just desperate to have someone love them. Unfortunately, we can carry these feelings over into our relationship with God. We feel like we need to keep earning God’s love and hence we feel like we are always failing. But Jeremiah 31:3 says that God loves us with an everlasting love.

However, you are feeling today think about these words by Richard Baxter

“Is it a small thing in your eyes to be loved by God – to be the son, the spouse, the love, the delight of the King of glory? Christian, believe this, and think about it: you will be eternally embraced in the arms of the love which was from everlasting, and will extend to everlasting – of the love which brought the Son of God’s love from heaven to earth, from earth to the cross, from the cross to the grave, from the grave to glory – that love which was weary, hungry, tempted, scorned, scourged, buffeted, spat upon, crucified, pierced – which fasted, prayed, taught, healed, wept, sweated, bled, died. That love will eternally embrace you.


  • Which natural relationships are affecting your relationship with God?
  • Do you sometimes feel that you have to make God love you or fear to lose His love?
  • What practical steps can you take to rest in God’s unfailing love?


Father, Thank you for loving us with an everlasting love. We recognize that there is nothing we can do to earn your love, but praise You for loving us anyway. Help us to treat others right, and allow our relationship with you to affect our relationship with others and not the other way round. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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