Today’s Reading: Romans 9:25-10:13

All of us do many things each day. Have you ever given thought as to why you do the things you do? In other words, do you do things because you are focused on yourself, or because you are focused on doing what God wants you to do?

Take an empty cola bottle sometime and fill it half full of water. Then, take some vegetable oil and fill it the rest of the way. Then try to shake it with all your might so it will become all mixed up. What happens? The moment you stop shaking, it begins to separate from one another, doesn’t it? What is the moral? The moral is that, by their very nature, oil and water do not mix.

The same is true with Godliness and worldliness. In his sermon two weeks ago, Bill Howard remarked that there was too much world in the church. I agree. But if that is true, it is true because there is too much world in each of us. You might say that we live here and we need to be in the world. We might need to be in the world, but does the world have to be in us?

Mark Twain once said that if doing good was what got us to heaven, you could not get in, but your dog could. Like Paul says, you cannot be good enough to get into heaven any more than you can stand on the earth and touch the stars.

Romans 10:9 promises us, ‘… if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord”, and believe in your heart that God raised Him, you will be saved.  BELIEVE – ADMIT – SURRENDER – EXPRESS

Believe that Jesus is Lord; Admit to yourself that He is your Saviour; Surrender your heart to Him today; and Express Him to others around you.

Salvation is not based on what we do but upon what Jesus Christ has already done. If you want to get on the highway to heaven, you don’t have to do anything; you just have trust in what Jesus Christ has already done for you. That’s the whole difference – Do versus Done. Either you try to do it yourself and never make it, or you lay down your hard hat, and your hard heart, and believe that Jesus Christ has already done it for you. And then you receive what He has done by responding to Him.

If God were to ask, “Why should I let you into heaven?” what would your answer be? The only correct answer is that you have jumped on the highway to heaven by repenting of your sins and by receiving Jesus Christ as your Saviour, who by his shed blood, paid for all your sins.

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