Over these next few days we are going to be considering ‘how the Holy Spirit empowers us’.

The word from the Old Testament translated as ‘Spirit’ is the word ‘ruwach’ which means a wind, a breath, a violent exhalation.

In the New Testament, the Greek word translated as ‘Spirit’ is the word ‘pneuma’ which means a current of air, a blast of breathe, and a strong breeze.

The Holy Spirit is like the wind of God. Sometimes he comes as a gentle breeze, other times he is a mighty, rushing wind of power.

In the Old Testament, we see the power of the Spirit working in countless different ways.

  • The Holy Spirit one time gave Joseph skill to rule over Egypt.
  • The Spirit gave Joshua military power.
  • One time the Spirit gave two unknown men the power to work in their crafts.
  • The Holy Spirit gave words to prophets to speak prophetically over God’s people.
  • One time, the Spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon and gave him power to lead the Abiezrites into battle.
  • In Judges Chapter 14:6, as hard as it is to believe, the Spirit of the Lord came upon Samson in power, so that he tore the lion apart with his bare hands, as he might have torn a young goat.
  • 1 Samuel 10:6 shows the words of Samuel to Saul; “The Spirit of the Lord will come upon you in power and you will prophesy with them and you will be changed into a different person.”

The New Testament sees the power of the Holy Spirit everywhere; in fact, Jesus was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit. Luke Chapter 1, when Mary wondered how this would be, she asked a question; “How will this be,” Mary asked the angel, “since I am a virgin?”  And the Angel answered, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the most high will overshadow you.”

When Jesus gave his life for our sins on the cross, the Bible says the Son of God was raised from the dead, again, by the power of the Holy Spirit; he is Jesus Christ our Lord. Before Jesus ascended to Heaven, he promised his followers that he would send them a gift; the gift of the Holy Spirit. He said, “And now, I will send the Holy Spirit just as my Father promised, but stay here in the city until the Holy Spirit comes and fills you with power from Heaven. That same powerful Spirit is available to all who believe in Jesus today; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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