Did you manage to find the three excuses used in Luke 14:12-24 , by people to get out of attending the great Banquet?

Excuse #1 is “I’ve got to take care of my stuff!”

The first man said he just bought some land and he had to go examine it. Now, how many of you would buy a piece of property without seeing it first? This man represents folks who are so possessed by their possessions they are controlled by them. They spend their lives buying more and more stuff and then they have to spend all their time protecting and maintaining and using all their stuff. Jesus said, “A man’s life does not consist of the abundance of his possessions.” (Luke 12:15).

Excuse #2: My job keeps me too busy!

The second fellow indicated he just purchased five yoke of oxen, so he was going out to test them. These wedding feasts were always held in the evening, so do you really think this guy was going out into the dark to practice ploughing with his new oxen?

You and I know dozens of people who don’t have time for God because they stay so busy with their jobs. They are so consumed by their work they can’t squeeze God into their busy schedule. I’ve known folks who used to serve God, but they became so successful they no longer have time to serve the Lord in their church.

Excuse #3: My family takes up my time!

This is an empty excuse, too. It was unheard of to invite a man to a wedding feast and not invite the wife. They were BOTH invited, but he just didn’t want to accept the invitation, so his marriage was a convenient excuse. Now, spending time with your wife and family is a noble pursuit. It is a much better investment of your time than wasting your time. However, family can even get in the way of serving God. Jesus said you cannot follow Him unless you love Him more than your mother or father, or brothers or sisters, or wife or husband or children.

There is a story about four college freshmen that hung out together and were always intent on having more fun than studying. These guys were always late to a certain class, because they knew the professor was a pushover. They had a multitude of excuses why their assignments weren’t finished on time, or why they didn’t show up for class. When it came time for the final exam they were late. About the time everyone else was finishing, they showed up giggling and told the professor their car had a flat tire, so they wanted to take a make up test later. The professor said, “No problem, have a seat in the four corners of the classroom. I’ll prepare a special final exam just for you guys, and I’ll make it easier–it will only have one question. And since you guys haven’t turned in all your assignments, I’ll give you another chance. If all four of you answer this question correctly, you’ll all get an A, but if any of you miss it, you’ll fail the class.” He took a moment to write the question in four exam bluebooks. The four guys were grinning when he handed them their books, but their smiles disappeared when they opened the test. The single question on the final exam was, “Which tire was flat?” As the professor stood there between them, they realized they were caught. They each tossed their exam books in the trashcan, as they walked out. Their excuses had caught up to them!

You can make excuses galore while you are here, but one day, all the “reasons” you give for not coming to God and serving Him will become empty excuses.

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