Today’s Reading: 1 Timothy 5:1-25 

A man was picked up after years on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. The crew of the ship disembarked to help the man collect his few belongings. They were questioning him about his life on the island and noticed several building he had built. They asked him what this building was for and he said it was his house. Then they motioned to another building and he said it was his church. Finally, they asked him what the third building was used for. He said, “That is the church I used to attend. I go to this one now.”

Despite all our faults, the church is still the greatest hope for the world. More potential for positive change exists in a group of people who have covenanted together to become fully devoted Christ followers than in any other human organization. Something with that much potential for good has an equal amount of potential for destructive change when higher principles are not in play. The church can not play by the rules of the world! If we begin to play by rules not based on Biblical principles we will produce exactly what the world produces. This may explain why the world has marginalized the church and branded us as irrelevant.

Paul tells us that we should treat the church as family and gives us some guidelines.

1) Be as fair as you possibly can in all things. V 21 The church is a society where there is no slave or free, male or female, Jew or Greek. If the church gives preferential treatment to a certain class or group that basic unfairness causes what binds us together to blow us apart.

2) Be cautious when you set people to positions of ministry. v22 The danger here is that of setting someone aside who is not ready for the assignment. It takes time to develop a church leader capable of withstanding the temptation of power or ego.

God has given us an amazing family in the church and it’s really vital that we respect and honour those who God has put around us.

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