John explains to his disciples that he is not the Christ, but he was sent to come ahead of the Christ. John gives an illustration about a bride and groom. When the wedding came it was the responsibility of the best man or best friend of the groom to take care of many of the details surrounding the wedding. The friend would act as a liaison between the man and the woman. In essence, the friend arranged the wedding, delivered invitations and presided at the wedding feast.

He also had one final duty, when it was time, he was to guard the bridal chamber, so that no false lovers could get in. Once he saw the groom and heard his voice, he let the groom into the room. Now the friend’s job was over. This was a joyful job for the friend of the groom. He did not begrudge his friend, instead there was joy in the completion of his task. His job was to bring the bride and groom together, and once that was accomplished, his job was to fade out of the picture.

In our own wedding, we are the centre of attention. People love to take photos of us, but in someone else’s wedding we are just the guests. John’s disciples would have understood that analogy. John’s task was to bring Israel, the bride and Jesus, the bridegroom together. Now that this job was complete, John was happy to fade into the background. Our job is to make sure that all those around us know that the Bridegroom is coming for His bride the church. It’s to call everyone to come and know our Lord and Saviour.

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