If your reading this and didn’t know already, I am currently in Tenerife for 1 weeks Holiday. The trip here was rather long, a bus ride from Cardiff to London, followed be a few hours walking around London in the cold (although the winter wonderland in Hyde Park is very impressive and expensive but worth a visit if you happen to be in London.

After this it was the bus to the airport, a night on the airport floor and then our flight at 6am the next morning. Our flight was on time and 5 hr later we arrived in a much warmer Tenerife. When we arrive at the airport the clock outside which also shows the temperature was showing at 42c but I am sure this was wrong.

We caught the bus into Playa de las Americas which is the closest town to where we are staying and then found our resort without much trouble at all. Our room wasn’t ready when we arrive so we went to the local supermarket to have a look around and buy some things before our room was ready at around 3:30pm. We just caught up on some sleep then, ate some food and watch some TV.

Food bill from day 1 for 2 people – Bread Rolls and cheese 1.50euro, Pizza 1.50 euros, Ice-cream 1.75euro.

Day 2

This morning we both woke up much more refreshed after a good nights sleep. After eating some breakfast we went for what turned out a rather long walk (over 5 hr in flip-flops). We walked all the way down the coast line until the next town of Los Crisianos, where we also found the English speaking church for Sunday. We were aiming to find a bbq restaurant for lunch also, but when we did finally find it, it was for sale.

We just walked back to the resort after this via the supermarket to pick up some more ice-creams. (We have found some microwavable ice-creams where the chocolate sauce turns warm, will upload a photo in the next days.) When we arrived back we quickly changed and went for a swim in the pool to try and recover a little from the walk.

In the evening we enjoyed a really nice Chinese buffet at a Chinese restaurant close to where we are staying, it was nice just to relax there a little and enjoy also the food and yet more ice-cream. When we arrived back at the resort there was a parrot show on as part of the entertainment. It wasn’t the best parrot show I have ever seen in my life, but they did have a parrot who couldn’t count.

Day 3 – well this is just the beginning – We are planning on having a day at the resort, but I will update you more in the next days. I’ve found internet at the hotel next to us now. so will be much easier.

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