Here are a few more photos from the last few days. Over the last days we have just had some relaxing days of visiting some local markets and relaxing around the resort.

Yesterday (Friday) – we caught the bus to a nearby town called Golf der Sur. It took a lot longer to get there then we thought and when we did finally arrive the market was really small. We then went to eat our food at the beach and relax there a little before return to the resort.

In the evening we ate at a buffet restaurant in the shopping centre near to our resort. This was really nice because included in the price is also ‘eat as much cake at you can’. We are thinking to go there again on Monday, so I will try and take some photos then.

Today (Saturday) – We went to the market which was really close to our resort. The market was much larger today but really touristy. After having a look around the market we went to walk down the coastline to take some photos and then spent the afternoon at the resort.

Okay here are some photos from the last days. Hope you enjoy!

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