Today’s Reading: 1 Corinthians 6:1-20

For several years Joyce Landorf endured an overwhelming and paralyzing kind of pain. While the pain from her medical problem is difficult, Landorf mentions another source of pain more troubled than any other: judgment from fellow Christians. Where did we get this idea that Christians should not get sick? It is certainly not true to the Bible. Consider Paul for example. In his letters, he mentioned Timothy’s stomach problems and frequent ailments. Paul once said that he left “ill at Miletus.” His Christian friend and co-worker Epaphroditus was so sick once that he almost died. And Paul himself had a serious physical illness. The apostle Paul was one of the greatest men of faith Christianity ever produced, yet he spoke of illness as a natural part of life and suffered physical illness himself.

Good faithful Christians get sick.  However in our Scripture today, we read that our bodies are the temple of God. As a matter of stewardship, we should attempt to maintain good health.  God has given us marvelous bodies. Unfortunately, we don’t always take good care of them. Much is involved in good stewardship of our bodies. Our diet is a good example. proper diet is so we can be healthy and better serve our Lord.

To obey the biblical command to honor God in our bodies means we will not engage in activities which are destructive to our bodies. Drugs, overeating, alcohol, and tobacco are examples. Other factors related to being good stewards of our bodies include stress management, proper rest, and exercise. Such stewardship of our bodies involves our entire lifestyle and is a lifelong effort.

American football hero Herschel Walker was asked about drugs. He said, “I don’t agree with drugs.” He went even further and said, “I don’t go along with alcohol either. God has given me one of the best bodies that a person could possibly have, and what I have to do is make the very best use of it and take care of it the very best that I can.”

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