A common misunderstanding is that Spiritual Gifts are given to an elite few. God doesn’t say; “Okay, I am going to take this group of Christians that I really like, and give them powerful gifts, and you are going to be the more powerful Christians, and the rest of you, I don’t like you as much, so you go sit in the corner and you don’t get any gifts at all!” They are not given to the elite few; they are given to all Christians.

In the life of the local church far too few Christians are not involved in any kind of ministry because they believe the empowerment belongs to some elite. They conceive of themselves as spectators rather than participants. None of these ‘spectators’ have the joy of being actively involved in ministry and of seeing God work through them in the exercise of their spiritual gifts.

How many Christians have gifts? All of them — it’s not a spiritual elite. You can’t say, “The gifted ones are up on the podium.”  A spiritual gift is the God-given capacity of every Christian to carry out his function in the body of Christ

There are not / or ought not be any superstars in kingdom. But more so the idea that only the superstars have special spiritual Gifts. Now it is important that we note that not every believe will have the same gifts. Not all have the gift of healing, or prophecy although all have a special spiritual Gift which God wants to use to build up the church. Ephesians 4:16

The diversity regards the character of the gifts not the source, all the gifts in the church originate from the same source: the Holy Spirit 1 Corinthians 12:7. That is, everyone who had received the Holy Spirit is given a manifestation of the Spirit. Every believer without exception is gifted in some manner by the Spirit for christian service. The spiritual gifts are not reserved for an elite few. The point is strengthened by Paul in his analogy of the one body consisting of many members (1 Corinthians 12:12). The apostle wants the Corinthians to understand that every gift is important and necessary, that every believer has a contribution to make. Gifts that some regard as of little importance are to be honoured for they contribute to the well-being of the whole body.

Now, we all have them, but look at this beautiful thought: “…dividing to every man…,” that is universality; and “severally,” that is individuality (1 Corinthians 12:11 KJV). The word severally is a very interesting word in the Greek, idios, from which we get idiot. Do you know what an idiot is? He is someone who has no duplicate in the world. When we say, “He’s an idiot,” that word comes from an old word that meant “peculiar.” Peculiar originally meant “he’s the only one.” The Spirit of God universally gives the gifts, but to every individual He gives them peculiarly. Nobody has yours. It is not mass production; everybody is different. There are not forty- three teachers in one section, eighty-four givers over here, and forty-nine with faith over there. Everyone’s uniqueness manifests itself in a unique way. So, the Spirit of God divides to every man severally and as He wills.

Don’t believe that you have to be a Christian for x number of years to receive a spiritual gift. Don’t believe you have to be a pastor or have graduated theological college. If you’re a believer, you have spiritual gifts.

Tomorrow we will develop this further, looking at Spiritual gifts are not a sign of maturity.

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