Today’s Reading: 1 Corinthians 5:1-13

In our society, over the past few years, there are several mindsets that are very prevalent, and those mindsets have even seeped into the church, but I believe they are contrary to what God’s word teaches. Our society calls us to be open-minded towards all things. I do not have a problem being open-minded; I just do not want to call open-minded accepting things God forbids. By open-minded, our culture means being open-minded to other beliefs and religions. This is the mindset that denies there is any absolute truth, but we know there are some absolutes in this world. This mindset has crept into the church to the point we do not address things like sin as sin, but tip-toe around the issue because are afraid of hurting feelings and appearing close-minded or intolerant, but there is some ground which we have to stand firmly on and there are some issues that may not be politically correct that need to be addressed.

If sin was addressed more, taught more, and the consequences were highlighted more there would be less of a sin problem and more people would realize that sin is not okay.

In our reading today we see that Paul said, that it is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you. How did Paul find out of this sin? Since the beginning of the church’s establishment people in the world have been trying to find fault with the church and with Christians. It almost seems if the world rejoices when a Christian person’s sin is made public knowledge.

As if the church at Corinth did not have enough problems already, they now had this issue to deal with. They had divisions in the church, they were filing lawsuits among each other, they had some serious doctrinal troubles with issues like marriage, food sacrificed to idols, the Lord’s Supper, and the Resurrection, and on top of it all they have blatant sin taking place and they are proud of what was taking place.

This man’s sin was bad enough that it affected him, the other person involved, and the rest of his family, but the worst thing of all is that it affected the church.

Sin isn’t something that we can take lightly because our sins affect others as well.

Sin is serious and needs to be dealt with.

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