Today’s Reading: Luke 15:1-32

Key Verse: “For the Son of Man came to save the lost.” Matthew 18:11

Have you ever felt like you have blown an opportunity for God? Have you ever felt like God was using you to find someone who was lost? Have you ever missed an opportunity?

  1. -When you are on a long flight and the person next to you starts to talk about our world’s problems?
  2. -When a friend asks you what you are doing Sunday?
  3. -When a co-worker shares a crisis in their life?
  4. -When a family member talks about how you have changed since you started getting all religious?

Do you miss the opportunity? We all do and the religious leaders of Jesus’ time did. They had people gathering all around, hungry for the heart of God and all they could see were worthless, lost, outcasts, it here that we find the parable in today’s text.

Jesus was different. Jesus wanted to communicate that God’s was in a relentless pursuit of lost people, so He began to tell three consecutive stories about a lost sheep, a lost coin, and a lost son. They are stories that carry hidden truths to expose the heart of God, but also to model for us the way we should live. God loves the lost and seeks them with passion.

Let us pray that God would change our heart that we see people the way that He did. Let us pray that we don’t miss the opportunities that He give us to show His love to the world!

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