Today’s Reading: Judges 19:1-20:48

The events of Judges 19-21 represent the worst of the worst of the history of Israel. In fact reading this text makes me feel sick. It is a violent story, with rape, murder, even genocide. Everybody was just doing what seemed right for them in their search for their justice. Their justice; not true justice

  • If there was true justice, then a man travelling far from home would not be attacked by a threatening gang. So in search of justice (safety), the man stays behind the safety of a locked door and throws out a woman to the crowd.
  • If there was true justice, a woman would not have been treated like worthless property to be thrown into the hands of a gang, like a piece of meat thrown into the jaws of a hungry animal.
  • If there was true justice, a tribe of people would not face extinction. So in search of justice, their neighbours stand by and let the survivors kidnap women to serve as their wives.

These people in this story are all searching for justice, but they are so perverted in their understanding of what justice is, that they simply continue to make matters worse and worse and worse.

If we open our eyes to the world around us, it will not take long to see that it is a mess and we are faced with the challenge from Judges 19:29 – “Just imagine! We must do something! So speak up!” How long are we going to sit back and the world carry on becoming worst in its search for justice, or better revenge, before we speak up and share the powerful message of the gospel!

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