Today’s ReadingLuke 8:40-9:6 

Key Verse: Hearing this, Jesus said to Jairus, ‘Don’t be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed.’ Luke 8:50

There are many things people need in life. Sometimes, we have needs but can not find answers. We look, but the answers we need are not found in logic, none in knowledge, none in our culture, none in counselling, none in possession, none in relationships. It sometimes appears that there is no answer to our question or need! When all else fails, we will realize that the answer to whatever we need will be found in Jesus! Sadly, many times God has to bring us to the end of ourselves so that we can come to the Right Conclusion.

In today’s reading, we find a man called to Jesus at a time of desperate need. He was driven by his affection. Jairus was a synagogue leader, but he was also a Dad concerned for his little girl. His title equates to the President of the Synagogue. He was charged with choosing the weekly readers and leading a discussion of the passage read. He was charged with keeping the proceedings going in accordance with the traditions. He was the man that the people of his village looked to for answers, but in this desperate time, he had none of his own.

Jarius fell begging for help at Jesus’ feet. This man is like any other parent who is about to lose a child. He is desperate. Jesus invites us to come to him in every situation when things are hard, desperate, sad, but also when thing are good, glorious and going well. We don’t need to wait until thing get terrible before you bring them to the Lord. Sadly, we all to often wait until things are beyond our control before we seek God’s help and direction.

Jesus is there all the time he loves you and has compassion more than you can imagine. Why wait until thing seem hopeless when he wants to walk alongside us in our daily life. Jesus never disappoints. The people told Jairus that it was too late, he had waited too long and his daughter was dead. But this passage teaches us an important lesson. It’s not too late to turn to Jesus.

Jesus charges us with these important words. “‘Don’t be afraid; just believe” 

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