Today’s Reading: 1 Kings 7:1-51

Solomon took action to honour the Lord. He built a temple to expresses how highly he valued and respected the Lord. The word respect means “to look behind.” In other words, it involves looking back and seeing a person’s accomplishments, then treating him as very valuable and worthy. Maybe that’s why the Scriptures frequently call us to “remember the Lord.” If we’d give more thought to what He has done for us, maybe we’d treat Him with greater honour.

The first twelve verses of chapter seven describe Solomon’s secular building program (verses 13-51 describe the Temple furnishings). Notice that Solomon did not let his expansive secular building programs cause the construction of the temple to fall by the wayside. Solomon acted to complete the temple and honour the Lord. He gave priority to the right things.

Building a temple isn’t the only way to honour the Lord, there are many other ways to show our honour to Him. We could spend a quiet moment each day directing our thoughts toward God by reading our Bible and praying. We could fast for spiritual needs or make a special offering to the church. We could take up some ministry to a needy person or commit to a place of service at our church. We honour the Lord when we act on holy intentions He puts in our heart or in front of us as opportunities.

It is really important that we set our priorities correct. God knows our lives, he knows that we need to go to work, pick up the kids, maintain the garden, do the shopping and the list could go on. He doesn’t expect us to live in a monastery, but he does expect us to honour him with our whole life. Like Solomon, we must be careful that our secular programs don’t take God’s place and that even through our ‘secular programs’ that we seek to honour Him.

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