Today’s Reading: Ruth 2:1-4:22 (additional reading: Psalm 105:16-36 and Proverbs 14:26-27)

Some people put a lot of trust in “luck.” The right place at the right time = Good luck / The wrong place at the wrong time = Bad luck. How do you relate to “luck”? The Bible doesn’t talk at all about luck. Instead, it talks about ‘favour.’ But sometimes we as Christians often think of God’s favour in the same way others think about luck. Instead of blind chance, the Scriptures point us to a personal God who bestows favour on people.

Naomi and Ruth could certainly have blamed bad luck for their circumstances – dead husbands, sons, and no future. But in our text today we will see some important insight in regards to God’s favour.

Ruth’s initiative (2.2 – Ruth asks Naomi’s permission to go out and find some work, get some food) is followed by God’s intervention (2.3) “As it turned out” – gives the impression of blind chance/luck. Here we see an important step on the road to receiving God’s favour. The first step has to do with how you view your circumstances. Is this a coincidence? Or is God involved? God’s involvement in the affairs of people, guiding them to his intended end is what we call providence.

God is constantly at work behind the ‘seen,’ arranging the events and people in our lives to flooding us with his favour. We must learn to see God’s hand in our life. You must become aware of the times and ways that God arranges things for your good. Is it by chance that you lived where you did or went to the school where you did? ‘Chances’ are, you have received far more of God’s favour than you recognize. Spend some time today, or this week, writing down the times God has shown up for you. You’ll be amazed.


  • How has God’s hand of favour been seen in your life?


Father, Thank You that our life is not down to chance, but is planned and guided by You. Thank You for caring so much for us and blessing us in so many ways. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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