Today’s Reading: John 21:1-25 (

Quitters!!! Everybody knows one, almost everyone has been hurt by one, but nobody wants to be one. Charles Spurgeon once wrote, “I feel as though I had created a great machine and it is ever grinding, grinding and that I may yet be its victim. No one knows the toil and care I have to bear.”

H. B. London and Neil Wiseman in their book Your Pastor Is An Endangered Species says that “Pastors dwell in a world of unfinished tyranny, where they can’t shut the door, walk out of the office, or know that something is completely finished. There’s always another Bible study, sermon, phone call, committee, hospital call, home visit, or gathering clamoring for attention.” [H. B. London and Neil Wiseman. Your Pastor Is An Endangered Species. (Wheaton, Illinois, Victor Books, 1996.) p. 31-32] The pastor is on duty twenty-seven hours a day, thirty-nine days a month, 412 days a year.

The first danger we face that could cause to quit is that of looking in the wrong direction. After the trauma of the crucifixion and the turmoil of the resurrection, Peter and the other disciples were discouraged and now having waited for the Lord to appear they were impatient. They began to look back on the good old days of their lives before things became so complicated and frankly who can blame them. The days when there was a daily routine that could be counted on, where there was the security of knowing what was next and the satisfaction of running their own lives. In John 21, we read that seven of the disciples have gathered at Peter’s home in Capernaum waiting for Jesus when Peter impatient as always declares in verse three, “I go a fishing.”

Perhaps you are under the impression that you are the only believer that ever feels like quitting.  But Peter was having on of those days, Peter said, “ I go fishing.” The Greek word used to convey what Peter said was hupago (hoop-ag’-o), this is an interesting word that literally means “I retire.” Peter is ready to quit preaching and go back to what he knew best, fishing.

What Peter discovered is very important; he discovered that you can’t go back. Let me try to put this as eloquently as possible, “There ain’t nothing more depressing than catching nothing.” The lesson for us is that we cannot go back. We belong to Jesus now and things will never be the same. Your future with the Lord is full of exciting significance only if you follow him.

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