Today’s Reading: Titus 3:1-15

The price of pride is going up. In an effort to stem showboating and taunting after touchdowns, the NFL has started handing out huge fines totaling thousands of dollars. Pride doesn’t come cheap in our circles either. While we may never get slapped with a fine for a display of arrogance, a lack of humility can hurt a spouse, cause tension between siblings, and divide a congregation. While a professional athlete might be able to compensate for practicing pride by simply paying a penalty, in real life there’s no quick fix. Therefore, it’s to our advantage to eliminate the consequences of practicing pride by practicing humility instead. Practicing Christian humility is quite simple – just remember your history and His Story.

What exactly is Christian humility anyway? The word translated as humility in our text (v.2) means gentleness or meekness. One ancient Greek (Aristotle) defined it as the middle ground between extreme anger and indifference. Humility, therefore, is not just an attitude; it’s an attitude in action. Humility does what is best for others with an unassuming gentleness. That’s what Paul describes in Galatians 6:1. “Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently.”

The most difficult thing about practicing Christian humility is that Paul says that this is something we are to do for all people, not just the ones that we get along with (Titus 3:2).

Christian humility with that individual who thinks he’s always right. Practicing humility, however, doesn’t mean keeping our mouth shut and going along with evil. Remember that humility is the middle ground between harshness and indifference. Therefore we will address wrongs but not in a way that strives to put others in their place. Instead, we will seek to correct patiently and gently lest we alienate those whom we are trying to help.

When you are tempted to get disgusted with another’s rudeness or shallowness just remember your history. We weren’t any better before God found us. At one time we were foolish when it came to spiritual matters. Since we didn’t realize that God takes care of us we spent our time just making sure that we looked after ourselves instead of looking after others. We thought the way to get ahead was to step on and over others.

Pride and arrogance quickly vanish when we remember our history because we realize that aren’t better than others. We see that we too need God’s forgiveness and continued guidance even as Christians because our past keeps trying to creep into the present.

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