Today’s Reading: Acts 25:1-27 

W. H. Griffith gives this great illustration: “An elderly Christian woman, very poor but noted for her constant activity, was laid aside by illness and her neighbours asked her how she could bear it? She answered, “When I was well, the Lord, said, “Betty, go here and Betty go there, but now He says, “Betty, lie still and cough! She had learned the lesson of life in relation to the will of God, and something like this must have been Paul’s experience as he was cut off (and unjustly so) from his desired activities for the gospel.”

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get to where God wants you to go? For most Christians, it is a matter of a Spirit-directed mind over matter. They do not mind so hardships do not matter. Also, many people fail to reach the goals God has for them because they are unaware of His will for their life. Paul listened closely to the voice of God so he knew the direction God had for every aspect of his life. In this passage, Paul provides us with a fine example of a man who knew where God wanted him to be – Rome.

The Lord used the harassment and imprisonment to direct him to a valuable ministry in Rome where he would not only witness but write some of the most important letters of history that are now contained in the New Testament that have changed billions of lives.

In order to get to Rome, Paul had to cut through a maze of Jewish plots. The Jews made many complaints about Paul but were unable to prove any of them. Still, Paul knew it would take every ounce of his legal, political and spiritual wisdom to outwit them. The Jewish accusers were shameless as they were willing to perjure themselves to see Paul’s case shifted to their own court.

If we are going to reach the goals God sets for us it will require a great deal of determination and toughness in the face of stiff opposition. Ask the Lord to help you grow in your determination and moral firmness.

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