Today’s Reading: Romans 5:6-21

“For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous” (Romans 5:19).

Two decisions: Adam and Jesus.  By Adam, we all were thrown into this mess of sin because of his choice.  By Jesus, we all are born into righteousness because of his choice.  Adam relied on his own judgement and council. Jesus replied, the council of the Word of God and the Spirit of God. By Adam taking his own thinking and the consultation of third parties that wasn’t God (Eve by the flesh: the serpent by spirit) he fell into sin being tricked, taken advantage of, and put in bondage by his own curiosity.

By contrast, we have Jesus who obeyed God even as he faced certain death. As a result, Christ found himself in the glory of God.  Look at what obedience can do for an entire people. Look at what obedience can do for our families and our relationships. It is far more real than we think.

By one person being righteous, God would have spared Sodom and Gomorrah.  Abraham took the role of intercessor, not wanting anyone to perish, and pleaded with God that he would spare the city. If there would have been one righteous, the city would have been spared. By one righteous person, he spared the human race through Noah. And more glorious than this, he spared the entire human race,  past, present, and future, through Christ: whoever will believe.

If we will say yes to the Lord and walk in his way, no matter what our past has been, our decision will have a profound effect on ourselves and everyone around us!  If disobedience created the problems in the world we face, obedience is the answer that will change our path toward restoration. Keep sensitive to his Spirit. Slow it down a bit. Walk every more wisely. You have an effective comforter and counsellor in His Spirit.

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