”Have I been with you so long, and yet you have not known Me” – John 14:9

There are no shortcuts or easy formulas to knowing the Lord. It’s a process that requires diligently seeking Him in His Word and in prayer over time. Many people approached Jesus in Scripture much like a social media website. They’re interested to see what’s going on, and even like talking about it. They may even click ‘like’ every now and then, but when it comes to really communicating with God and walking through life with him, we enter an area which is often off limits. Many people want to know Jesus from a distance, where it’s safe, they like to know what’s going on and stay in control. But they are not interested in the intimacy or the life changes that are demanded, and the place were real relationships and life found.

To know about a person, we could read a biography or watch a documentary on TV. We might even correspond with them every once in a while by e-mail or the odd phone call but if we were to meet them in person, they would probably have very little to say to us.

To really know a person, we need to spend time with them on a regular basis, learning their likes and dislikes. We begin to understand the way they handled themselves in different situations, their verbal and their non-verbal communications and so on. We listened to them and respond to them, but they also listen to us and interact with the things in our lives. When we really know someone we recognise their voice straight away, we can even pick them out in a crowded room. Often, due to spending so much time with another person, we can start to mimic some of their habits, and starts to change. We start to use words which the other person often uses, we copy their hand motions and start to eat the same food.

So make 2016 a year not only to know more about Jesus, but to really know Jesus and grow more intimate in your relationship with Him.

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