Finally after much planning, transport schedule after transport schedule last week it was finally time for the New Hope Mission to Wales. Around 50 people from Atlanta and 40 something from Holland Road in Brighton. It was a privilege to serve along side brother and sister in Christ from different nations.

This year the mission took another direction, moving out from Merthyr and over into the next Valleys of Pontypridd and Rhondda given Merthyr the chance to partner in Mission with the team. We did however have two of the evening event in Merthyr. The Gospel performance (were over 20 people accept Christ) and the last choir standing, which is an event were junior school choirs sing.

During the week there were two clown teams visiting junior schools and one infant team which did a presentation with puppets.

There was also a secondary school team which taught sport, English and Music.

There were two Community Action Teams which did an extreme makeover at a house of someone who really need it, a school community garden and a few other things, to demonstrate God’s love to the community.

There was a Care team which visited old peoples homes, singing worship songs and sharing God’s love. On the first day 10 people responded at one home.

An Evangelism team was out and about on the streets on Pontypridd and Rhondda, taking part in both open-air outreach and door to door.

Apart from those mentioned above there was much more that went on behind the scenes, visiting and encouraging local pastor just being one.

Each Evening there was an outreach event, two Gospel performances (one in Merthyr and one in Cwmaman, Aberdare). The Last Choir standing event already mentioned and a Taste of America held in Rhondda where more the 550 people turned up.

It was a great week of missions, thank you all for praying for it!

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