Today’s ReadingDeuteronomy 2:1-3:29 (additional reading Psalm 67:1-72 and Proverbs 11:27)

Have you ever found yourself haggling over an item, either buying or selling? First, you offer them a price and then they offer you another price until one of you accept. Often you walk away feeling happy with yourself, but other times you think ‘that was just too easy’, what if I just waited out a little bit longer? Or maybe it was a decision for a job, you were not sure if you should take that new job/promotion or wait for something different and now your living with a ‘what if?’

You can really lose perspective if you try to dwell on things that might have been instead of living with and dealing with what is and what could still come in the future! Have you ever felt that way with your spiritual life? Have you ever wondered what blessings, what great work for the Lord and what great accomplishments you have missed out on because you made the wrong choice at the wrong time?

Let’s look at Moses’ life for a moment. Moses was a great prophet, a real man of God – called, anointed, chosen and sent. He was walking and working in the place where God wanted him. But as we read a few days ago when he hit that rock for water, one moment of anger – one moment of disobedience – one moment of mistrust – one moment of frustration and doubt, cost Moses a lot.

For that single instance of disobedience, Moses would pay dearly. After leading Israel through the wilderness for over forty years, with the hope inside that he would enter into the Promised Land at the end of the journey and see the promise of God come to pass, Moses was denied the one thing that he wanted most (Deuteronomy 3:23-27).

There’s no doubt that Moses is in Heaven today and the earthly blessing that Moses missed by not entering into the Promised Land of Canaan was more than made up for when he entered into Heaven. But the fact remains that Moses missed out on his greatest dream on this earth. I wonder how many blessings we miss out on when we fail to obey God? What things could we have had in God, and what work could we have done for Him.

Yesterday we were talking about ‘moving on’. Imagine all the people who decided to stay still. All the unrealized dreams, un-reached goals, and unfulfilled lives. Businesses that were never started, ministries that just didn’t happen, churches that were never built, and all because people failed to do, what God had called them to do.

Perhaps God has a work for you to do, some ministry that will bless the lives of many other people. Yet, because we don’t have the trust and faith in God that we should, we don’t obey. Will the thing that God calls you to do be accomplished? Yes! But the question is will you be part of them? God still has great things in store for you. – Just trust Him!


  • What is holding you back from obeying God’s calling?
  • Are you stuck living in the past when you need to look at what God is saying now and calling you to in the future?


Father, Thank You for calling us and allowing us to serve You. Help us to move on from those things in the past that are holding us back and living for what might have been. Help us to serve and worship You in the hear and now. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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