Oswald Sanders wrote that ‘Leadership training cannot be done on a mass scale. It requires patient, careful instruction and prayerful, personal guidance over a considerable time. Disciples are not manufactured wholesale. They are produced only one by one, because someone has taken the pains to disciple, to instruct and enlighten, to nurture and train.’

We see in the life of Jesus that He ministered to many, but he focused on a few. Paul, Timothy and Silas ministered to many but they too, focused on the few. This can be seen in Paul’s writings to Timothy where he writes: ‘And these things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.’ ( 2 Timothy 2:2).

Why then did Jesus and his disciples narrow their attention to small group of people? They knew that by concentrating on a few faithful men and women they would leave a legacy of people whose influence would extend beyond a generation or two. In fact we see this multiplying until today and will continue until Jesus’ return.

We are called to be imitators of Christ and in that way God has also placed us here to give our life away as we live and speak truth into the lives of others.

I am totally thankful to God for those who have and are mentoring (discipling) me and also for the privilege I have had in mentoring others. No matter what your position is in life, your age, your race or gender I hope that over these next days you will stimulated towards a passionate desire to invest your life in others.

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